Our clients can rely on the fact that we will secure the most competitive loan terms by assuring that the lenders we represent through effective and strategic marketing of the request will resourcefully provide the best pricing, terms and certainty of closing available in the marketplace. We’ve developed the key strengths that serve our clients best that include:




Barrington Capital provides a borrower with a single and credible voice in the capital markets. Keeping you continuously informed about the status of the loan process. This allows us to organize and compare loan options to assure the highest level of competition, pricing and terms for our clients.



Understanding the objectives of our clients we understand that the closing of the transaction is a priority. We effectively serve as the liaison between the lender, legal counsel, escrow and 3rd party vendors to assure that the loan funds on time and that all potential issues are addressed well in advance.



We are constantly in the market with sensible deals and committed borrowers. Our constant activity in the real estate capital markets repeatedly translates into exceptional transaction terms for our clients.


due diligence

Barrington Capital has developed very strong relationships with the 3rd party vendors we associate with. We are able address unforeseen issues in a timely and effective manner placing our clients best interest as a top priority.


certainty of execution

By successfully controlling the entire loan process from due diligence to closing our clients are confident in our ability to fund their loan on time. One of the most valuable attributes Barrington Capital has to offer is our certainty of execution. We pride ourselves in making certain that any potential areas of concern are addressed at application as we negotiate on behalf of our clients.